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Magic Data Recovery Software - Professional (V 3.5)
With Forensic capability**
The most powerful data recovery tool yet, until now a closely guarded secret within the Recovery Industry uses “State of the Art” leading edge, algorithms.

Previously only available to a select group of Data Recovery Professionals, it is now released for general usage.

Full Strength, no compromise software recovery engine.

Very powerful yet simple to use.

Are you trying to recover data from any of the following? If so, this is the “One Stop” undiluted recovery product, you cannot afford to miss.
  -  Lost or Deleted Partitions
  - Accidental or Malicious Formats
  - Corrupted installations
  - Virus attacks
  - Deletions - over networks or local
  - Virtually any logical disk disaster
  - Support for RAID.
  - Lost files from the EFS
  - Lost files in Compressed and Encrypted drives
  - Forensic use, disgruntled ex-employees trying to cover tracks.
  - Tracking misuse of Company Computers in security situations

With Magic Recovery Software Pro (V 3.5) technology you can tackle those very hard recovery situations, lost partitions, boot sectors. Magic Recovery Professional (V 3.5) has the ability to search out and display drives even if they are not visible in explorer.

With this software you will be able to display the full directory of each drive (even NTFS drives, where it is recoverable).

The software comes with our renowned and acclaimed ‘Non-Expert’ wizard, which gently guides you through the recovery process in a “Step by Step” guide.

**Perhaps the most important tool within
Magic Recovery Professional (V 3.5) is its Forensic capability, allowing you to print and save the drives contents showing

Creation date
Modified Date
Accessed date

This is essential if you intend to bring criminal charges or need to track and record computer usage within an organisation.


As with any Full Strength product, simple precautions are necessary.

1) Never save the recovery program to the same drive which you are trying to recover files from. Use another drive i.e. CD-ROM, DVD-ROM etc.
2) Save compressed or encrypted files to a compressed or encrypted spare drive, or, click here if that’s impossible for a special import/export tool.
3) Most of our recovery tools will run from a CD, never recover files to the original drive you have lost data on.
4) Magic Recovery Professional (V 3.5) is a Windows32 application that uses direct hardware access. It was designed to run on an i386 compatible platform only.
5) The software has not been tested on emulated systems, Macintosh platforms or other processor platforms.
6) No problems have been encountered with IDE or SCSI drives with or without Fire wire and USB 2.0 compliant drives.
7) Magic Recovery Professional (V 3.5) is NOT compatible with recovering CDROM CDR’s CDRW’s and DVD’ s, but these devices can be used for the recovered data storage, as long as the data recovery result is not tried to be saved to the system drive.
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