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How to recover my data...
1. File recovery software - data have been deleted or Windows recycle bin has been emptied
2. Files/directories are lost
3. Hard disk has been quick-formated
4. A volume is lost, e.g. due to damaged partition table
5. Windows is damaged and not bootable

4. A volume is lost, e.g. due to damaged partition table
Files/directories are lost
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Select Drive from Object menu

Select drive as Physical drive which contains the deleted partition. Select button Find logical drive...

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The appearing dialog windows allows you to delimit the search (e.g. if you know the start of the partition is situated more behind, move the track bar Start cluster to the rigtht).

After the search has been completed and a logical drive has been found select the drive under logical drive, if the format seems to be correct. It is not exceptional if more drives are found than has been installed. The reason is that there are several copies of the boot sector on the hard disk (that's the unit that contains the information about a logical drive). So first use the function Preview to get the right logical drive.

After selection of the drive look for your drive content at folder Root. Select your file (for several files use CTRL or SHIFT key) and save your file to another drive by selecting Save to... from Object menu.

In addition you can search for a deleted/lost file (or for several files) by selecting Find from Object menu.

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